Volunteer Roles

In-Hospital Patient Visits 

The Foundation operates a patient visit program with Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical Center in Denver.  Trained Limb Preservation Foundation volunteers provide a peer visit to patients who are experiencing limb trauma or loss.  Typically, the volunteer has personally experienced a limb-threatening condition or is close to someone who has, so a common bond can form. The volunteer provides a gift bag filled with hospital essentials to make the stay more pleasant.  The volunteer shares information on how the Limb Preservation Foundation can be of assistance after their hospital stay. The volunteer can play an important role by simply sharing a personal story and giving the patient a vision of a hopeful future.

Peer Support 

The Foundation helps to facilitate peer support from people who have had limb loss of the threat of it with others who are experiencing similar situations.  In general, these volunteers have personally experienced an in-depth recovery process and are willing to share what s/he has learned to help inspire, give hope and share practical information with those being treated currently.

Patient Assistance

The Foundation works with a committee of individuals who review requests for patient assistance funds, which are initiated through social workers and hospital personnel.  Committee members are become experienced with the LPF assistance guidelines and act as a review committee for requests.

Donor Stewardship 

Demonstrating our gratitude to Limb Preservation Foundation donors is important.  This committee helps to show support by writing handwritten notes and placing calls to donors as a special expression of our thanks.  Phone scripts, notecards and related materials will be supplied to volunteers.

Scholarship Committee 

The Foundation provides college and graduate school scholarships to patients and/or survivors who have battled or are battling a limb-threatening condition. Volunteers who serve on this committee participate in the scholarship selection process.

Office Assistance

The Foundation appreciates help with mailings and periodic projects involving computer work

Special Skills 

The Foundation seeks assistance from people with expertise and experience with grant writing, legal work, social work/psychology.  Projects for experts with these skills will be tailored to your availability and interests.

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