Volunteer Opportunities

In-Hospital Patient Visits 

We are currently unable to do in-hospital patient visits but hope that it can start back up in the near future.

Peer Support 

The Foundation helps to facilitate peer support from people who have had limb loss of the threat of it with others who are experiencing similar situations.  In general, these volunteers have personally experienced an in-depth recovery process and are willing to share what s/he has learned to help inspire, give hope and share practical information with those being treated currently.

Event Volunteers

The Foundation holds different events throughout the year such as education symposiums, golf outings and dinners to raise funds for the many programs available for patients. Many volunteers are needed in various ways during these events to make it a success.

Volunteer Opportunities

Please complete this form to be on our list of volunteers for various opportunities and we will contact you when we have any volunteer needs. Thank you!

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