Patient Assistance 2014

Record Year for the Patient Assistance Program

In 2014, the Patient Assistance program had a record year; directly serving 64 patients with more than $108,000 in assistance.  The average grant per patient was $1,678.   Funding assistance provided IV antibiotics, physical therapy, gas cards, lodging, and last-resort assistance with past-due mortgages or energy bills.

We believe patients with limb-threatening conditions need to focus on healing, not on whether or not the heat will remain on or if a loved one can be by their side during treatment.

The people served are like...

A 12-year old girl from Kansas, who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in her leg.  Her treatment included pre-surgery chemotherapy followed by an extensive limb salvage surgery and post-surgery chemotherapy.  In addition to the stresses of the disease, the burden of travel put extra weight on this family during her treatment. The Foundation helped this young girl and her family with travel expenses between Kansas and Colorado, as well as lodging and food cost.

A 32-year old, single male who severely fractured his fibula.  Infection and bone healing issues put his leg and life, in jeopardy.  The patient was “laid-off” due to his inability to stand for long period of times.  Multiple surgeries and the placement of a fixator have provided him with a road to recovery.  The Patient Service Fund provided funding for his Cobra monthly premiums to continue his health insurance and access to medical care.

A single mother of two young children who was diagnosed with a high-grade bone cancer of her right leg. Multiple surgeries and aggressive chemotherapy treatment did not allow her to work. The Emergency Distress Fund assisted her with rent and electricity bills, giving her the opportunity to concentrate on recovery.

A 15-year old teen, who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in his leg.  This young man began an 8-month regimen of toxic chemotherapy and a series of limb salvage procedures.  The family faced many financial hardships of reduced work hours to help their son manage his treatment, medical expenses not covered by insurance, and travel costs during their son's treatment. The Foundation was able to assist this young man and his family through his treatment by assisting bills and travel expenses.

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Providing Hope, Help and Possibilities for patients who are in active treatment for limb- and life-threatening conditions due to trauma, tumor or infection.