Patient/Caregiver Lodging Fund

The Caregiver/Patient Lodging Fund provides lodging assistance to patients and caregivers who are out of the area and receiving extremity treatment. This Fund allows patients and their families to remain close while the patient is undergoing treatment or a medical procedure.

To be eligible for assistance:

  • Qualified patients must reside or are being treated in the Rocky Mountain region (Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Montana, Utah and Wyoming).
  • Qualified patients are eligible to receive assistance, based on eligibility requirements and the availability of funds.
  • All applications must be coordinated by a social worker or healthcare professional who will attach a qualifying letter of assessment.

Only patients with the following conditions will be considered for support:

  • Patients with tumor of the extremities including bone and soft tissue tumors.
  • Patients with tumors in the shoulder and pelvic areas that threaten limbs.
  • Patients with limb-threatening traumatic injuries to the extremities including partial or complete amputation.
  • Patients with severe infections of the bone and/or soft tissue of the extremities and non-healing bones.

To apply for this fund please have your medical social worker or a medical health care professional complete our application after reviewing our guidelines.

For more information contact:

The Limb Preservation Foundation| email: Patient/Caregiver Lodging Fund | 303-429-0688