LPF’s Future Steps Society is Committed to Your Charitable Goals

The Limb Preservation Foundation’s Future Steps Society is committed to working with you and your family to fulfill your charitable goals, whether those goals relate to making an impact, leaving a legacy, saving money on taxes, expressing gratitude, or a combination of objectives.

Many philanthropic individuals and families appreciate–and sometimes even seek–recognition for gifts. In ddition to feeling appreciated, donors give publicly for many other reasons, including knowing that their names can lend credibility to an organization and that their gifts can serve as an inspiration to other donors. The team at The Limb Preservation Foundation also understands the perspectives of donors about anonymous giving.

The Limb Preservation Foundation does not disclose information about you, or share information with any third party, nor is it detailed through LPF’s 990 filed with the IRS.

We welcome all conversations about giving, and we gladly strive to honor the charitable giving preferences of our donors to the fullest extent allowed by law.