The Limb Preservation Foundation’s Patient Care Program celebrated its three year anniversary in March! In the past three years, trained volunteers have visited over 1,500 patients at P/SL Medical Center. Volunteers visit to offer a listening ear and bring a ‘care bag’ filled with small items of comfort. The goal of the Patient Care Program is to provide encouragement to patients and their families as they face the challenges that come with limb- and life-threatening conditions caused by tumor, trauma or infection.

The Patient Care Program began as the idea of Kacey Johnson, a volunteer and friend of The Foundation. Kacey’s passion for helping others facing limb-threatening situations began 15 years ago when she nearly lost her arm due to a close range gunshot wound during the Columbine High School Shooting. Her shoulder was shattered. Thankfully, her arm was saved using a donor allograft, a bone from a tissue donor.

Through her own experience and her involvement with The Foundation, Kacey realized there was a great need for support among individuals and families facing serious extremity conditions. This realization grew into the volunteer-based Patient Care Program we know today!

Every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday morning, volunteers visit and provide the gift of a "care bag" to patients at P/SL as they recover from extremity related surgery, or undergo chemotherapy or radiation. The care bags’ are offered as a means to bring a smile to the faces of those in the hospital during treatments. The items collected can offer distraction, entertainment, or the meeting of small needs. Though the gift may be small, the message behind it is one of great importance; patients are not alone in their journey back to wholeness. The Limb Preservation Foundation and its team of volunteers are here to listen, support, and walk alongside them in their recovery.

This program would not be possible without the dedication of our kind and passionate volunteers or the support of community partners through the gift of in-kind donations. If you are interested in joining our volunteer team or learning how your company can host an item drive for the Patient Care Program, please contact The Foundation.

For more information contact:

Victoria Lerma Simmons | Data & Administration Manager | 303-429-0688

Your support provides hopehelp and possibilities for individuals facing limb threatening conditions due to cancer, trauma and infection.