Peer-to-Peer Support Program

Need support due to a limb-risk situation? You are not alone.

The Limb Preservation Foundation offers one-on-one, peer-to-peer support to the community of patients undergoing limb treatment due to tumor, trauma or infection. Our Peer Support Program complements and enhances medical care by creating the emotional, social, and practical assistance necessary for managing a limb-risk situation and moving toward wellness.LPF’s peer support volunteers have all been through what you are facing: a medical journey that resulted in limb preservation or limb loss. Our volunteers serve as mentors to others in active treatment. Through shared understanding, respect, and mutual empowerment, our mentors will help current patients through their personal journey to full recovery. Through peer support patients gain:

  • Empathy from someone who has had a similar condition.
  • Connectedness, inclusiveness and a safe way to express yourself.
  • Hope for a fulfilling future.
  • Improved overall mental and physical health from a place of positivity and realism.

Peer support has been proven to have psychological and physical health benefits for both the receiver and provider. Reach out to us today