Nathan Meeks

Ten-year-old Nathan Meeks is a sweet, polite, freckle-faced boy who loves swimming, baseball and playing tag with his friends. Two years ago, his childhood was dramatically interrupted when a mass in his shoulder was diagnosed as Ewings sarcoma.

In a battle to save his life, Nathan began treatment at Children’s Hospital Colorado under the care of oncologist Dr. Tim Garrington and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Travis Heare. He underwent nine rounds of chemotherapy, a limb-salvage surgery to remove the tumor from his scapula, and a bone marrow transplant that required three months of isolation. Though he was very lonely and sick during this time, he found comfort in his favorite stuffed animal, a husky dog named Spirozz.

Nathan has now been in remission for over two years. He is proud of himself for re-learning how to swim, but above all, for “being cancer-free” (a statement that is quickly accompanied by a high five).  He knows this experience will help him to become strong enough to one day achieve his dream of becoming a police officer.

The Limb Preservation Foundation is proud to have supported Nathan and his family through the Patient Assistance program during his treatment.


Annabelle is an 80 pound 7-year-old Anatolian Shepherd who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in her front right leg in October of 2015. Her veterinarian in Superior, Colorado, urged Annabelle’s parents to take her to Colorado State University Animal Cancer Center for treatment. There, she underwent chemotherapy treatment and amputation. Her mom jokes that she adjusted well to being a ‘tripod’ despite her size!

Today, Annabelle is part of a clinical trial at CSU to help other dogs like her. She loves going on walks, chasing squirrels, and watching the kids in her neighborhood.