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People at risk for limb loss are an overlooked population.  Treatment and recovery can be life-changing, frightening, and traumatic physically, emotionally, and financially.  The LPF Limb-Risk Care Package Program makes a difference for people during treatmentwho are experiencing extended periods of bed rest during their recovery.  To help them know they are not alone, we provide a care package of basic comfort items along with a beautiful handmade quilt

To receive a care package, please complete the form belowTo qualify, the patient must be in active treatment for limb-threatening issues* pertaining to the treatment of tumor, trauma or infection and reside in the Rocky Mountain Region (AZ, CO, ID, KS, MT, NE, NM, UT, WY).

*limb-threatening issues relating to serious risk of losing an arm or a leg not due to diabetes.

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LPF Limb-Risk Care Package Program

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