Living Legacy made by Laura and Grant Ford

The Limb Preservation Foundation recognizes donors Grant and Laura “Tottie” Ford of Loveland who made an estate gift to support limb-risk patients.  “The Fords were incredibly community- and philanthropic-minded people,” notes friend Peg Daley.  The Fords gave generously to dozens of charities during their lives and through their will.  Their daughter, Anne Ford-Kearns, was an active outdoors enthusiast who summited Mt. McKinley, was a river guide and ran a successful landscaping company.  After Anne lost her life to osteosarcoma in 1995 at just 33, the Fords made plans in their will to support LPF to help other patients survive.  The couple had also lost their son years earlier to a work accident.  “While the Fords lives had been touched by tragedy, their faith and ability to carry on never ceased to amaze me,” adds Peg.  The Loveland Rotary Club had named Laura Citizen of the Year for her contributions to the Loveland community.  Grant, a WWII veteran, served with numerous civic organizations and was a member of the Ski Hall of Fame.