Major Donor Recognition

The Limb Preservation Foundation is pleased to recognize an exceptional group of donors dedicated to sustaining the long-term needs of individuals with and at risk for limb loss.  Through their leadership donations of $2,500 or more, made in a single year and not tied to an event, they are changing lives for the better, empowering patients to reach their dreams.  These meaningful donations directly support of mission-critical programs of patient assistance, college scholarships and advancing limb research.

Denver Kiwanis Club

Denver Kiwanis Foundation has been a supporter of the Limb Preservation Foundation since 2014. They are proud to provide service to the community with an emphasis on serving children, particularly those at risk.

Tom Tucker

In honor of my friend, Ross Wilkins, for the miracles you’ve made, the lives you’ve saved, your endless energy and talent.

Jackie and Keith Jimmerson fund for education.

Leadership Giving


$24,999 – $10,000


Crown Family Philanthropies

Diversified Radiology of Colorado, P.C.

John Leeder

$9,999 – $5,000

Ben Binder

Daniel and Dana Lerman M.D. 

Scott and Lisa Taylor

Tom Tucker

Ross Wilkins M.D. and Jan Wilkins

$4,999 – $1,000

Rick and Kathryn Allen
Gregory and Kristin Benjamin
Ryan Brown
William Brown, M.D.
Colorado State University Animal Cancer Center
Robert and Lynn Davidson
Neil Jans
Anne Lillehei
Landon Fine, M.D.

Kyle Fink, M.D. and Regina Fink
John Fitzgerald and Maureen Tarrant-Fitzgerald
David A Goff
Dick and Margot Hampleman
Heather Hawkins
Diane Heasley
DO Heritage Wine and Liquor
Tony and Sherry King
Susan Kraft, M.D.
Mr. & Mrs. John Leonard

Lisa and Scott Martin
Douglas and Sally McCain
Gary and Theresa Meendering
Janine Meza M.D. and Jim Armatas
Onkos Surgical
Scott and Cindy Radcliffe
Peter and Molly Randol
Rebound Restorative Prosthetics, LLC
Cameron Ross

David Schnur, M.D.
Sheridan Law
Kevin and Anita Smith
Kareem Sobky M.D.
Katarina Van Veen
Dick Wenham, M.D. and PJ Wenham
Kim Wilson
Michael and Connie Young

$999 – $500

Robert and Mary Pat Amedeo
Greg Austin
Lynette Bates
Brian and Susan Bobka
Lynn E. Braendle
Bob and Melinda Coleman
Michael and Carrie Cornella
Tom and Cyndy Cycyota
Dean and Wendie Elliott
David Hahn, M.D. and Katherine Hahn
Robert Harper
Michael and Judy Hopson
Cynthia Kelly, M.D. and Jon Schutz
Mel and Carmela Kuntz
Paul Ligrani
Jim Martin
Jerry and Jean Mensendick
Thomas M.D. and Jean Merrick
Kristin and Jason Mink
Jefferson Parker
Steve Parsons
Gregory and Kendall Rindone
Carolyn Rorick
Darcey and Gregory Ruegsegger
John Schaecher
Linda Scott
Martin J. Slebodnik
Miguel Sosa
Hannis and Kim Thompson
Olivia M. Thompson
Pam Whitaker
David and Lynna Wilke
Chris and Brooke Wilkins
Eduardo Zambrano, M.D.