Keith Casey

Keith Casey has a passion for the sport of football. He likes to watch football, coach football, but above all, he loves to play football. Throughout his childhood, high school, and college, Keith worked tirelessly toward his dream of playing professional football.

Shortly after his career was beginning to take off, Keith suffered a bilateral patellar tendon rupture. With so much on the line, he needed the best care possible and was referred to orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Ross Wilkins of the Colorado Limb Consultants. In partnership with plastic surgeon Dr. William Brown, Dr. Wilkins performed surgery on Keith’s right knee in 2009 and his left knee in 2016.

Not being able to play football for over seven years has been an emotional challenge for Keith. “It can be a real mental beat up when you can’t do the thing you’re born to do.” Keith is hopeful that his most recent surgery will allow him to get back to a more physical lifestyle. While he continues his rehab, he has remained positive with the support of his wife, his children, and his extended family. “My kids are the apples of my eye. Seeing them happy, that’s what matters.” He dreams of becoming stronger physically so that he can be there for his daughter, who is a budding athlete.

Until his road to recovery is complete, Keith reminds himself that God doesn’t make any mistakes, and that this experience is an opportunity to “sit back and listen”.


Dooley’s philosophy for life is simple: eat, play, love. At only 6-years-old, this sweet therapy dog has been through quite a lot. In 2014, Dooley’s vet found osteosarcoma in his knee and referred him to Colorado State University Animal Cancer Center.

This diagnosis hit especially hard for Dooley’s parents, who had lost another dog to cancer before bringing Dooley home. With the support of their medical team at CSU, they made the choice to amputate Dooley’s right rear leg and start him on chemotherapy. Though the surgery and treatment had their challenges, Dooley’s love of food never wavered. “He never missed a meal!” his parent’s joke.