Join the Club- Kacey Johnson

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Chances are that if you are reading this blog, you have somehow been impacted by a life-changing circumstance that has led to having a limb at risk or even lost. Perhaps this circumstance has been yours, or the one of a family member or friend. It is likely that you do not know many others in your circle of acquaintances who has also faced this struggle. While family members and friends are often very supportive, it can be difficult for them to fully understand, or relate to, the emotions and mental challenges of navigating new, unwanted changes and limitations to your body. I know because I was in that position 22 years ago when I nearly lost my right arm because of the devastating injuries I suffered during the Columbine High School shooting. Although my arm was saved because of the amazing work of my doctors, I spent years learning how to use my new body and thrive in life rather than feeling like I was simply surviving.

Now I’m here, as a member of the Board of Directors with the Limb Preservation Foundation to say, “Welcome to the club!” I know…this isn’t a club you wanted to join; neither did the people who joined before you, or the ones who will join after you. I’m sure if you walked around a club fair in a school gym you wouldn’t have approached our booth to learn more about what kind of fun activities we provide. I didn’t want to join either. And, I wish nobody ever needed to join. I would prefer the club be kept as small as possible, which would mean fewer people are facing these types of situations.

There are many more ‘clubs’ that exist in the world, and every day people unsuspectingly find their names on the sign-up sheets. I’m thrilled to assure you that while you might rather not NEED to be initiated to our club, your life will be better because of it! Within this club at LPF, you will find support, knowledge, resources, a community of people who ‘know’, encouragement, partnership, opportunity, possibilities, mentors, laughter and probably even friendship. All of these things will cushion you through this new journey in life, providing hope and purpose along the way.

Now that you are here, please allow our group the privilege of leading and guiding you through this club experience.