Meet Limb Loss Survivor Stephen Crawford

Fast Facts

Location: Parker, Colorado

Job: Sales & skateboard/snowboard tech at BC Surf & Sport

Overcoming a limb challenge and amputation

Limb Preservation Foundation (LPF): Tell us about the limb challenge you faced?

Stephen: I was in a motorcycle accident that crushed my leg in October of 2019. They tried saving my leg but I got an infection in my bone. I had the choice to try and save my leg, but I wouldn’t have been able to do the things that I love to do. So, I decided to have my leg amputated April 30th of 2020. In a little over a year since becoming an amputee I’ve done everything I did before and way more.

Amputee athletes taking part in sports activitiesHow are you doing now? What progress are you most proud of?

Better than ever! I am more active now than I’ve ever been in my life and I’m always searching for new ways to challenge myself.

What would you want other people in the same position to know?

A positive attitude and determination is the most powerful tool in recovery. Also, understand that both of those things take work and don’t happen overnight, but anyone can strive to be positive and determined.

What kind of support did you appreciate most?Amputee athletes at a jiu jitsu competiton

I really appreciated my family, friends and other adaptive athletes reaching out to me on social media and encouraging me.

What do you wish people knew about Limb loss?

Even after losing limbs you can still do everything you did before, you just have to be able to adapt.

What are you most proud of throughout your journey?

I’m proud of the impact I’m having on people around me and holding my peers accountable and not letting them make excuses.

Limb loss athlete wrestling competitonWhat is next for you? What are your hopes for the future? What are some goals you have related to your limb challenge?

I am going to start training for the boardercross & the Paralympics next season. I am also going to keep competing in Brazilian Ju Jitsu and getting as many other people with disabilities involved in the sport as I can.

How did the Limb Preservation Foundation support you?

The Limb Preservation Foundation helped me share my story with others.

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Why would you recommend that other people facing a limb challenge reach out to the Limb Preservation Foundation?

People facing a limb challenge should reach out to the foundation for continued support and encouragement. You should also reach out if you’re having financial trouble and need help.Limb loss survivors supporting each other while skiing and snowboarding