Meet Limb Preservation Survivor Dennis Heaton

Fast Facts

Location: Denver, Colorado

Job: Wholesale Operations Manager at Royal Crest Dairy

Overcoming a limb challenge

Limb Preservation Foundation (LPF): Tell us about the limb challenge you faced?

Dennis: I experienced a serious ankle/leg injury in 2010. After an infection set in, over 4 inches of my tibia and ankle joint were removed. I was referred to Dr. Hahn in 2011 in an effort to save my leg. Through his work and his incredible staff, they saved my leg.

Why would you recommend that other people facing a limb challenge reach out to the Limb Preservation Foundation?

During this time, I learned about the great work that the Limb Preservation Foundation was doing. Not only were the doctors exceptional, but the people behind the scenes were also amazing. The volunteer staff worked hard to help patients in need. Many of these patients are not only trying to save a limb but in many cases trying to save their life. Many of these people cannot work yet the bills continue to roll in. Having the support of the Limb Preservation Foundation enables them to not worry so much about financial obligations and focus on healing instead.

Seeing the effect this had on patients prompted me to join the patient assistance committee. Knowing that we are helping ease the burden for these people reinforces the hard work of the foundation and its staff. Thank you to all the people who support through donations and volunteer work.