Laughs 2016 Photo Gallery

Laughs to Save Limbs and Lives Photo Gallery

Thank you to all our sponsors, guests and volunteers who came out to support our Laughs to Save Limbs and Lives event in April.  We had an absolute blast, and we hope you did too.  Our host Woody Roseland and our Late Night Band with members Shawn Kramer and Hector Casillas had us laughing all night long.  Comedian Dan Naturman brought down the house!  This event was our highest grossing event to date raising a net of over $124,000!  Our new Late Night format and mobile bidding silent auction were huge successes.  Everyone here at The Limb Preservation Foundation is already looking forward to next year.  What will our next prank video be like?  Will you be in it?!  Come find out on April 28, 2017 at Infinity Park Event Center for next year's comedy night!