You can make a lasting commitment to the Limb Preservation Foundation when you include a legacy gift for us in your estate plans.  These future gifts will enhance the quality of life for those individuals facing limb-threatening conditions.

Future Steps Society

Laura and Grant Ford

Mary K. Hubbell

Linda and David Scott 

The Future Steps Society was created to honor and thank those who establish legacy gifts.  There are many ways to do this.  Some have created a future gift in their will or living trust, while others have named us as a beneficiary of an IRA, life insurance policy, or charitable trust.  A variety of options exist.

Many people like to preserve their full control over their assets during life to protect against future uncertainties.  Others may look to maximize any tax and financial benefits that could result from their philanthropy.  People also typically prioritize family and loved ones first, only providing for the Limb Preservation Foundation after those needs are met.  There is considerable flexibility in this planning.

If you have any questions, please contact Marcy Rubic, Executive Director, at or (303) 429-0688.  All inquiries are held in strict confidence.  There will never be any expectation or obligation to complete a gift.