Financial Support Program

Since its inception, The Limb Preservation Foundation has provided financial assistance for living expenses to people facing financial challenges while undergoing treatment for a limb-threatening condition.  We believe patients with limb-threatening conditions need to focus on healing, not on whether or not the heat will remain on or if a loved one can be by their side during treatment.

If you are experiencing difficulty meeting your monthly expenses because of the costs of treatment, we are here to help.


Patient Assistance Program

This program provides financial assistance to patients in the nine-state Rocky Mountain Region* who are in active treatment for limb-threatening extremity trauma, tumor, or infection.

Some examples of help provided by the Patient Assistance Program:

  • Rent
  • Utilities
  • Mileage related to medical visits
  • Hotel expenses related to medical visits
  • Health insurance expenses

*Rocky Mountain Region – Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming

Please contact Patient Resources at for more information.


Patient’s Eligibility

A patient’s eligibility to receive a grant is based on financial need as well as the medical and personal situation. All applications must be accompanied by a letter or written statement from a medical professional (social worker, case manager, physician, etc.) verifying a patient’s diagnosis and financial situation. Applications must be submitted by the medical professional. We will not accept applications submitted by the patient.

A patient must be in active treatment for a limb-threatening condition related to one of the following:

  • Extremity tumor
  • Extremity trauma
  • Extremity infection

Our Patient Assistance Committee typically reviews applications on the third Thursday of each month (This can change per the discretion of the committee). All applications are due the Monday before the committee meeting. Applicants are notified about the status of their application within two days of the committee’s review. Financial assistance is disbursed on the fourth week of the month.


Please note our new procedures and applications as of November 2021

Please review our Patient Assistance policies & procedures

Patient Assistance Program Policies & Procedures

Use this application if the patient is applying for assistance for the first time.

Patient Assistance Application

Use this additional application if you have previously submitted a full assistance application within a 12 month period.

Patient Assistance Additional Application

If you would like to fill it out by hand, please save the fillable pdf, print the document, and scan it back to

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The injuries Kelly experienced after a fall from a rooftop onto concrete required five surgeries and a bone graft to put Kelly’s leg back together. Kelly’s treatment and recovery put his handyman business, which was his family’s sole income, at risk. Kelly and his wife, Karla, sold one of their vehicles, his work trailer and his tools to get by during the first few months of his recovery, and Karla went back to work to bring in needed income. However, the mortgage, utility and insurance bills still piled up. Kelly heard about The Limb Preservation Foundation through his physician’s office and applied for assistance with their mortgage and other living expenses.  The Foundation assisted with the family’s mortgage and utility bills.

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