Debra Gumlich

Debra Gumlich, a photographer and native of Trinidad, Colorado, has a rather extensive history with having a limb at risk. In 1981, Debra’s leg was severely broken in a motorcycle accident. Debra was at risk of losing her limb, but her initial doctor provided her with a “temporary fix” that would allow her to keep her leg until advancements were made in research and a more permanent solution could be found. Fast forward to 2013 when Debra found Dr. David Hahn of the Colorado Limb Consultants, who had the very solution for correcting Debra’s leg deformity with the use of a taylor spatial frame. A year later, Dr. Hahn was satisfied with Debra’s improvement and removed her frame. For the first time in over 20 years, Debra had her leg and life back!

Debra is incredibly grateful to have the use of her leg again and for the expertise of Dr. Hahn and his PA, Sean Mullinger, saying, “If you’re going to trust anyone, trust them.” She also feels very appreciative of her husband, Terry, who helped Debra with anything and everything during her time in the frame. Debra looks forward to “catching up on life,” getting back into her passion for photography and visiting her son, Vinnie, in Chicago, Illinois.

Through funding research, The Limb Preservation Foundation has advanced treatment protocols for limb-sparing procedures and treatment for patients like Debra, resulting in an increase in mobility and quality of life.


Don’t let a delicate name like Tolly Marie fool you – this 122-pound Leonbrger/Anatolian Shepherd is one big boy! In May of 2012, at the age of 6, Tolly was diagnosed with bone cancer in his front leg and shortly thereafter underwent an amputation and began chemotherapy. Since his initial diagnosis, Tolly has developed cancer in his lungs and is currently part of a trial study at CSU Flint Animal Cancer Center. Tolly currently seems to be doing well on his new regimen! Affectionately nicknamed “Sunshine Boy” by his parents, Tolly continues to enjoy roaming the outdoors with his sister.