Freddy and Alba


Freddy Baeza At 14-years-old, Freddy Baeza was diagnosed with osteosarcoma after his leg broke during the gym. Now 27, Freddy reflects back on this experience as ‘a beautiful memory’. At the time of his diagnosis, Freddy was living in Ulysses, Kansas, a small town in the southwest corner of the state. His family decided [...]

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Boyd and Griffon


Boyd Adams Boyd Adams is a calm, thoughtful, and kind man, with a great passion for the outdoors. Having served in the United States Army during the Vietnam War, he is no stranger to the grit and determination necessary for a battle. These qualities would serve Boyd once more when, in 2005, he discovered [...]

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Nathan and Annabelle


Nathan Meeks Ten-year-old Nathan Meeks is a sweet, polite, freckle-faced boy who loves swimming, baseball and playing tag with his friends. Two years ago, his childhood was dramatically interrupted when a mass in his shoulder was diagnosed as Ewings sarcoma. In a battle to save his life, Nathan began treatment at Children’s Hospital Colorado [...]

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Dennae and Diesel


Dennae Russell Dennae Russell’s enthusiasm for life is nothing short of contagious. At 24-years-old she has a lot to be thankful for; she has been in remission from cancer for over 3 years and has recently gotten back into the active lifestyle she loves. Dennae’s battle against cancer began in 2013 when her doctor [...]

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Ethan and Dakota


Ethan Schlemer Strike up a conversation with Ethan Schlemer and your day is sure to be made. With warmth and enthusiasm, he jumps from his love of climbing to his interest in biology, to his passion for helping others.  “I want to become a Physical Therapist to help other people because I’ve had so [...]

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Grant and Casey


Grant Larson By the time Grant Larson was twenty, he had battled cancer not once, but twice. In 5th grade, Grant was diagnosed with leukemia. 10 years later, in June of 2015, Grant received an unrelated diagnosis of osteosarcoma in his right leg. Once again, he was battling for his life. The diagnosis of bone cancer [...]

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Eric and Pepper


Eric Chavez-Saucedo Eric Chavez-Saucedo was diagnosed with chondrosarcoma after breaking his arm on a construction job in April of 2014. After meeting with a couple of doctors who said they were unable to help Eric, he found orthopedic surgeon Dr. Ross Wilkins of the Colorado Limb Consultants at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center. Dr. Wilkins [...]

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Sarah and Penni


Sarah Sarah is a beautiful woman who was presented to Dr. Cynthia Kelly in July of 2010 with a small mass in her right wrist. Fifteen years earlier, Sarah had undergone removal of a similar mass in the same location in New Jersey. Shortly after noticing the return of sensitivity in the area, Sarah [...]

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Bethani and Duffy


Bethani Puzo Bethani Puzo is a passionate 27-year-old student who is pursuing her master’s degree in Landscape Architecture at Colorado State University. In 2013, Bethani was diagnosed with osteonecrosis of her femur; the bone in her leg was dying, unexplainably. This diagnosis brought Bethani to the Colorado Limb Consultants where she underwent a core [...]

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Axel P. and Frankie


Axel Pineda Axel Pineda is a sweet, soft-spoken young man who just turned 14 years old. In June of 2014, Axel was diagnosed with high-grade osteosarcoma in his left arm and his care was assumed by Dr. Cythia Kelly and Dr. James Ball of the Denver Clinic for Extremities at Risk.  He began pre-operative [...]

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