Rachel and Clementine


Rachel Owens Rachel Owens has bright eyes and warm disposition. From a glance, you would never expect that this beautiful 34-year-old woman had been through such an ordeal over the past three years. In August of 2013, Rachel fell from her roof, badly breaking her left ankle.  After her injury (known as a pilon [...]

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John and Buffalo


 John Leeder When asked how he initially injured his leg, John Leeder chuckles, “I was in France! I wanted to show off a bit, so I jumped off of a castle!” And just like that, you’re hooked. Even when sharing a difficult story, John is animated, warm, and engaging. He’s the kind of person [...]

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Dennis and Millie


Dennis Heaton When asked how he has persevered through over six years of extremity issues, Dennis Heaton smiles and replies, “I’ve just always thought, I can either get busy living or getting busy dying!” Dennis has lived through quite a bit since pulverizing his ankle playing ice hockey in February 2010. Soon after his [...]

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Sara and Sidi


Sara Epstein Sara Epstein’s smile says it all when she describes her life as having ‘zest’ again. Since 2007, Sara hadn’t felt like herself; she had been battling a limb-threatening infection after a small scratch became an open wound on her right leg. Despite treatment with antibiotics and surgery, Sara’s infection persisted. In 2013, [...]

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Teri and Sam


Teri Plank Teri Plank is a gentle, sweet-natured woman who sustained a work injury in 1999 that progressively got worse over time. This injury caused her knee to sustain serious mechanical damage, making Teri fall often. Teri was relieved to find orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jeremy Kinder of the Colorado Limb Consultants who had a [...]

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Rose and Penny


Rose Blume Rose Blume’s bright eyes and sweet laugh make it hard to believe that in the past 15 years she has undergone 9 knee replacements, 7 of which have sadly failed. After her first failed replacement in Kansas, Rose was diagnosed with osteoarthritis, a condition that caused the replacements to loosen prematurely. In [...]

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Christine and Bubbles


Christine Lentz There hardly seem words to describe Christine Lentz, the battle she has been through, or the way in which she shines. In December of 2013, healthy, 47-year-old Christine went into septic shock after she developed an infection from surgery. Her situation quickly became critical, as doctors at Sky Ridge Medical Center fought [...]

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