About The Limb Preservation Foundation

The mission of the Limb Preservation Foundation is providing support and community for those experiencing life and limb threatening conditions.

The goal of The Foundation is to enhance the quality of life for those individuals facing limb-threatening conditions due to trauma, tumor, or infection through research, patient assistance, and educational programs.


We Are Passionate About Our Mission

Our passion for finding new treatments for limb-threatening conditions and for supporting patients who have been diagnosed with a condition that could lead to limb loss is supported by the key activities of LPF.

Assists Patients With Financial Challenges 

Being diagnosed with a limb-threatening problem is a stressful situation. Often patients and families experience the added stress of financial difficulties while going through treatment.  The patient assistance programs established by The Limb Preservation Foundation has helped hundreds of patients, assisting with expenses such as rent, travel, utilities and food, attempting to minimize some of the impacts of the diagnosis.

Provides Education On Limb Threatening Conditions

When diagnosed with a disease that can lead to limb loss, it is natural to want to find out everything you can about the disease. The Limb Preservation Foundation is the leading resource for information about these conditions, including diagnosis and treatment approaches.

Funds Research Focused On Treatments

LPF identifies and funds research focused on reducing unnecessary amputation and loss of life due to trauma or disease. The investment today in this research may lead to new treatment options for patients faced with an extremity at risk.

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