Who We Are

The Mission

The mission of The Limb Preservation Foundation is to support the prevention and treatment of limb threatening conditions.

The goal of The Foundation is to enhance the quality of life for those individuals facing limb-threatening conditions due to trauma, tumor or infection through research, patient assistance and educational programs.

We Fund Hope, Help and Possibilities

At The Limb Preservation Foundation, we fund hope, help and possibilities for people experiencing limb threatening conditions. Our unique model brings together world-class physicians and researchers, passionate healthcare professionals and patients to advance research, support care and enhance lives.


During times of difficulty or loss, hope can often be a hard thing to find. At The Limb Preservation Foundation, we serve as a trusted connection and resource by enhancing our patient’s lives, advancing their treatment and preventing unnecessary limb loss. We believe that no matter the circumstance, it is important that individuals have the opportunity to live their best life. The Foundation strives to instill a sense of hope and possibility in every patient’s journey to back to wholeness.


The Limb Preservation Foundation was created with the vision that all people facing limb threatening conditions, regardless of their ability to pay, should have access to the best medical care. We help ease the trauma and burdens of treatment by providing support through our patient assistance funds to individuals in dire need. Our funds pay for medical care treatments for patients that are in need of intravenous antibiotics, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and outpatient chemotherapy but cannot pay for them; transportation, lodging, and even emergency distress situations, such as rent, childcare, utilities and care expenses. These programs allow patients and families to focus on their treatment and healing.


At The Limb Preservation Foundation we fund life-changing research that is accelerating improvements in treatments and outcomes for patients at risk of losing a limb. Research funded by The Limb Preservation Foundation has increased the survival rate of bone cancer patients from 60% to 94% and enabled 94% of patients to keep their limb! Life-changing research like this is continued through collaboration with Colorado State University Flint Animal Cancer Center, where we have established an Endowed Chair, Ross M. Wilkins, M.D. University Chair in Limb Preservation, to ensure the sustainability of our research efforts!

Through research, knowledge, access to treatment and support, we are saving lives and helping individuals facing limb loss.