Abby Garces

Abby Garces is a strikingly beautiful mother of four, who was diagnosed with stage 4 liposarcoma in March of 2014 after she noticed pain and a mass in her shoulder.  She began chemotherapy at Kaiser under the treatment of Dr. Heather Hue and came to the Colorado Limb Consultants at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center to seek the specialized orthopedic care of Dr. Cynthia Kelly. Despite this unexpected and difficult diagnosis, Abby is very positive and hopeful. She attributes this outlook to the loving support of her community, her co-workers at Denver Housing, her friends and family, and members of her church. She lives every day for her four sons, who she has raised to be “role models.”

Abby approaches each day with the belief that there is always light at the end of the tunnel and hopes that this experience will empower her to be a role model and mentor for others facing cancer. She looks forward to getting back to work as a case manager at Denver Housing and helping her clients find secure housing options.

The Limb Preservation Foundation has helped Abigail with rent and utilities through the Patient Assistance Fund, allowing her to focus on her treatment and her family.


Panda is a sweet, ladylike eight-year-old Bearded Collie mix that was diagnosed with bone cancer in October of 2012. Due to the severity and location of Panda’s tumor, she had her leg amputated, followed by four rounds of chemotherapy. Panda has adapted to life with one less leg with grace and ease! She continues to enjoy going on walks, chasing squirrels (although she can’t seem to quite catch one, yet) and going to doggie daycare, where she plays with her puppy pals! Panda’s favorite pastime continues to be spending time with and protecting her family, just as she has been doing since she was a pup!