The Limb Preservation Foundation Learning Lab

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Learn about osseointegration from a patient who has OI in three limbs, a surgeon who will discuss who is a good fit for OI and different types of implants along with a physical therapist on the rehab side OI as well as biomechanical advantages.

  • Nick Kimmel, patient
  • Daniel Lerman, MD
  • Guy Lev, PT
  • Nicole Ehrhart, VMD, moderator

During this session, you will learn how to optimize your long-term limb health with preventative care, how to reduce barriers to movement and back pain, residual limb changes, what prosthetists can do to help, and more.

  • Katherine Payne, MD
  • Inger Brueckner, PT
  • Glen Thompson, CPO
  • Adam George, moderator

Attend this session to learn about residual limb care, how it changes over time, how to minimize fall risks, and learn the latest in prosthetic research. You will hear about research conducted on sweat and skin for amputees and why it matters. Participants will gain insight through research findings on post-traumatic growth (PTG) and research specific to limb loss.

  • Eric Weber, LCPO
  • Colby Hansen, MD
  • Erin Jacklin, Psy.D
  • Jenna McMullin, moderator

During this session, you will learn about managing pain and what it takes to manage pain.

  • David Schnur, MD
  • Katherine Payne, MD
  • Adam George, moderator

In this session, you will learn how to build your care team, learn the language of limb difference, gain insight on timelines for prosthetics and insurance, how to interview prosthetists as well as how to prepare yourself for the rehabilitation process, maintain your strength, and how to get support for complications that may arise.

  • Guy Lev, PT
  • Glen Thompson, CPO
  • Michelle Oliveti, MSPT
  • Erika Kaye, moderator

Gain a future view of prosthetics by learning about the emerging technology, both near-term and innovations of the future. You will learn about research findings on optimal functionality as well as powered vs. passive and running vs. walking prosthetics. Get a glimpse of products being studied today for future development.

  • Eric Weber, LCPO
  • Alena Grabowski, Ph.D
  • Tommaso Lenzi, Ph.D
  • Nicole Ehrhart, VDM, moderator

In this session, you will learn about concepts of pain, concepts of limb preservation, research in the reengineering of muscle, bone, and tissue as well as the role of allografts in limb preservation.

  • Matt Iorio, MD
  • Nicole Ehrhart, VMD
  • Kevin Whitten
  • Thomas Graham, moderator

During this session, you will learn about chronic wounds and skin substitutes as an advanced therapy to avoid amputation. You’ll learn about skin issues caused by improper prosthetic fit and how to avoid them.

  • Lily Daniali, MD
  • William Tettelbach, MD
  • Christopher Jones, CPO
  • Eric Weber, LCPO, moderator

Hear from limb preserved patients as well as amputees on how they came through one of the most traumatic experiences of a lifetime as well as how they handled and continue to deal with physical and emotional challenges.

  • Maury Brochstein
  • Alyssa Liddle
  • Christine Lentz
  • Jenna McMullin, Moderator